Press Brake Work Support

The Met-Fab Press Brake Work Support System offers many advantages to your press brake:

  • Increase efficiency and production
  • Significantly reduce labor input
  • Eliminate crane time when forming heavy pieces of material
  • Parts spoilage due to back bending is eliminated
  • Operator skill requirements are reduced
  • Safety is appreciably improved
  • Only recommended use on Hydraulic Press Brakes

Download>> "Press Break Work Support" PDF

The Work Support arms/table follow the long flange of the work piece thru the entire forming cycle-UP and DOWN. A smooth, fast response Hydraulic System operates the arms. With the Work Support in the down position, it serves as a table to aid in positioning the work piece prior to forming. The unit is on heavy duty casters and can easily be moved out of the way with the use of Quick-release pin type assemblies to attach unit to brake.

Interfacing & Timing

It is interfaced with the brakes footswitch circuit as an enabling circuit so that if the operator releases the footswitch, the work support will stop its motion. There are two limit switchs that need to be mounted to tell the support when to start up and when to stop. A separate footswitch is supplied to enable the operator to let the support down. The speed at which the support moves is determined by flow controls mounted to the hydraulic valve on the unit.

A Met-Fab representative is available to come and set-up machine on location, however, travel & living expenses are not included in the price and must be paid by the customer. Capacity: Contact factory.