Squaring Shear Sheet Support

The Met-Fab Sheet Support offers a reliable source of support for more accurate backgaging and ease of material handling.

Our Sheet Support System can be designed and manufactured to ease material handling on almost any shear. Plus, there is not any modification to the backgage necessary. The unit requires approximately 80 psi of shop air and can either be plugged into a 110 v. outlet or wired from the shear transformer.

As the backgage moves in and out it actuates a series of limit switches mounted on the backgage. This will only allow the arms needed for support to raise. If the shear it is mounted to will allow enough slope for the sheared material to slide off, the arms will automatically raise and hold material up to table height after each stroke of the shear. If there is not enough slope, the operator will need to press a reset button on our control box to raise the arms after each stroke. This will allow the operator to insure the sheared piece will not be raised by the arms into the backgage. The top of the Sheet Support is covered with a diamond plate which reduces friction and allows the sheared piece to slide off easier.